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     The Art of Massage is the Journey


Deep Tissue I lift weights, so watch out!!

Point Release - Mostly acupressure - I hold points till the brain understands to let go of the restriction.

Cranial - My version is to focus on what is keeping the body in balance by holding points on the head listen until it adjusts.

Stretching - No one has "all" the time in the world to do yoga - my version is "horizontal yoga" - and find ways to stretch by holding the body in very difficult positions until the stretch is complete.

Energy Work - it's a whole world of understanding - have been studying it since the 70's - and even saw it once - color therapy too - mostly its a general relationship with Chinese thinking - that the meridians carry the "chi" through the body - so with my fingers as acupuncture needles, I help stimulate or quiet the flows along the body.  Lots of fun indeed!  My clients always look 10 years younger after a treatment!

Healing Work - this is only if someone needs it, or requests it - otherwise - bodywork is plenty.  In this world though, so many folks have had difficult upbringings, so there is deep "unconscious" stuff to uncover, and I do my part on behalf of psychotherapists, who a client may or may not be seeing.  I like to think that I can help the medical community by including it in regular massage sessions, so the client can get what they need, or made aware of what further treatments elsewhere they are needing.  I also enjoy clarifying what the client's healthcare provider is asking them to do, so that they are making all the right decisions for their situation.