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Even though I majored in Photography - lived and breathed it for five years and then worked for an international photographer and later married a writer/director who went to NYU in New York, and later formed an alliance with an international artist/animator - Brummbaer - I could not seem to get away from "the gift of touch" which I did on the side while going to college, and even aquired a massage certificate from a Northern California School while employed as a masseuse in the early days of massage!

Yes, massage can be combined with the creative world, and I think being part of these two worlds has made me somewhat of a sculptress as I have worked on people for well over a decade as well as a muscian - took years of theory for guitar and piano (still can't really play!) - but have an ear for "that" world and have worked on many a composer; some quite famous!

Have since made muscular therapy, with all the trimmings, my life's passion!  

Have worked with various types of  chiropractors over the years and have also spent many years being a part of many families, massaging both the husband, wife, children (if only for 5 minutes each!), and the rest, from uncles to grandmas, and everyone inbetween.

It's been fun!   

I feel also feel great joy helping those clients who really need treatments when they have had a terminal illness. 

Also have had the privilege of working on some real greats, including George Peppard and Timothy Leary up until their passing: George from lung cancer and Timothy from Prostrate cancer. Have also worked on many others, just as special, who cared for with massage during their illnesses, until they passed.

It turns out that "the art of touch" is a gift from the heavens. It comes to those who finally realize they "must" dedicate their life to the forces therein, and be there for many lovely people over a long period of time, to help them in a myriad of ways, as I have done, with great satisfaction.

But -----

with lots and lots of practise, I say anyone can be a master at this craft, or just about with any other; with dedication, great mentoring, years of the "grind"; and, whala, Mastery!!




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